Introducing Flood Risk Advisor

Niyam is a small team of industry experts committed to reducing flood risk across the U.S. We consistently deliver innovative GIS and analytical solutions for federal agencies and private sector clients, including FEMA’s Flood Map Service Center and National Flood Hazard Layer. Today, we’re excited to bring you our Flood Risk Adviser – simple answers to flood risk questions, powered by AI and agency data.

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Predictive Flood Analytics

We work with industry experts in flood risk and predictive modeling to deploy big data and open source technology for public agency projects that increase community resilience and raise risk awareness.

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About Us

Our name says it all: orderly, consistent, systematic, governed by rules. We are a team of technology consultants driven by the same mission that drives our clients - reducing and communicating flood risk in every community. Niyam experts are major contributors on leading flood risk projects across FEMA's Risk MAP, including the Map Service Center, the National Flood Hazard Layer, and Hazus loss estimation software. Reach out and let us know how we can apply our mission-driven, innovative solutions to your next initiative.

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